Sunwind NYC - Healing Crystal Shop - FAQs

All of our pieces are delicate and need extra love and care. How to take care of your piece:


- Remove jewelry before going to the beach, or entering the pool, shower, bath, hot tub, spa, etc. 

- Jewelry must avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as soap, household cleaners, acid, alkali corrosive substances, etc. 

- Be gentle with jewelry and remove jewelry before planning on doing any physically strenuous activities or going to sleep.

Put on the jewelry last after you put on your clothes, apply skin care products, make-up, perfume, hairspray, etc. 

- Wipe down jewelry with a soft lint-free polishing cloth and store in a sealed bag or box in a cool dry place.

- Mild soapy water and a child's soft toothbrush may be used to clean jewelry of any dirt or fingerprints. It is recommended to use dishwashing liquid and warm water.


What is gold filled and gold plated jewelry?

- Gold filled jewelry pieces are highly durable and safe to be worn by people with sensitive skin. 1/20th of the weight is real gold and it has more real gold than gold plated jewelry. With proper care, gold filled jewelry can last a long time. 

- Gold plated jewelry has a thin layer of gold. If possible avoid contact with water, sweat or harsh chemicals. Proper care and storage is important. Wipe with a soft, lint-free polishing cloth each time after wearing.


Stainless Steel Jewelry

- Stainless steel pieces are hypo-allergenic. Stainless steel has the ability to resist corrosion and oxidation, therefore it will not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. If stainless steel pieces become scratched and look dull, you can easily restore its luster in the comfort of your own home. Mix baking soda and water until you have a thick paste and use a toothbrush to gently clean your piece. After throughly cleaning, use a lint-free cloth to dry your piece and make sure it is completely dry. You also have the option of buying stainless steel jewelry cleaner online. 


Sterling Silver Jewelry

- With proper care, sterling silver pieces can last for years. Proper care involves storing your piece in a dry and air-tight place and remove it when entering the shower or pool. Keep it away from certain harsh chemicals or foods that contain sulfur. Remember to always put on your jewelry last when you are getting dressed. Silver cleaner solution can be bought online and carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 


Stainless Steel Jewelry

- Brass pieces are highly delicate and without proper care can tarnish. Brass pieces must avoid water, humid environments, harsh chemicals and alcohol. When storing away brass jewelry, wrap it in a soft fabric and store in an airtight bag. Use either a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water to clean your brass jewelry. After cleaning, completely dry your jewelry.