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Adinkra Symbol - Gye Nyame (ONE Earring, Hair piece or Pendant)

Adinkra Symbol - Gye Nyame (ONE Earring, Hair piece or Pendant)

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Adinkra Symbols of West Africa

Adinkra are symbols from Ghana, West Africa that carry stories and lessons. I gathered several of my favorite pieces to share with you. You can wear this piece as an earring, pendant on a chain or a hair accessoryLet these symbols empower life lessons for your everyday life decisions.

Gye Nyame - “Except for God” means that God knows all. Since he or she is living inside of you and knows all about you. Then, you have to admit that you can not escape or run away from him or her.

Material: Brass
Option #1 Small Pendant Length: 3/4" 
Option #2 Big Pendant Length: 1" 

All of the symbols carry significant meanings and concepts we can all relate to. Own a symbol today and use it as a hair accessory, an earring or a pendant. Use the drop menu to pick: Option #1 - Small Size Pendant $12
or Option #2 - Big Size Pendant $20

[If you buy to be used as a pendant, the gold filled chain is sold separately and is a shiny color, please do not forget to add a chain to your shopping cart]

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