Adinkra Symbol - Sankofa (ONE Earring, Hair piece or Pendant)

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Adinkra Symbols of West Africa

Adinkra are symbols from Ghana, West Africa that carry stories and lessons. I gathered several of my favorite pieces to share with you. You can wear these pieces as an earring, a pendant on a chain or a hair accessory. Let these symbols empower life lessons for your everyday life decisions.

Sankofa - “Go back and get it”. A heron bird walking forward with his head turning back. It is the bird of no regrets. Allow yourself a chance to go back and resolve your bad situation then you have no regret to carry on.

Material: Brass
Big Size Style #1: 1"
Big Size Style #2: 1 and 1/4"
Small Size Style #1: 3/4"
Small Size Style #2: 7/8"

All of the symbols carry significant meanings and concepts we can all relate to. Own a symbol today and use it as a hair accessory, an earring or a pendant. Use the drop menu to pick the style and size of pendant that you would like.

[If you buy to be used a pendant, the gold filled chain is sold separately and is a shiny color, please do not forget to add a chain to your shopping cart]

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