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Sun Wind - Talking Cookie

Innovation Medallion With Chain - Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil

Innovation Medallion With Chain - Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil

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Activate your innovation to make your own magic.

Heart: Open your heart with love and compassion to embrace greater possibilities.

Crescent Moon: Open up your feminine side to get in touch with your wisdom, so use it well.

Rainbow: Balance the color energy of your chakra so that you can evolve to the next level.

Star: Don’t be nearsighted, be a visionary. Use the star to navigate your bright and far away vision.

Lightning Bolt: Electrify and fuel your energy to break through your challenges. 

Eye: See and focus on all of the possibilities and work on your magic to become the best version of yourself.

Material: Sterling silver gold vermeil.
Length: 3/4" in length (this measurement does not include the bale).

This medallion comes with a chain. Chain is extendable from 16", 17" and 18"

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