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Sun Wind - Talking Cookie

Lapis Lazuli - Donut (Select Your Size)

Lapis Lazuli - Donut (Select Your Size)

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Lapis Lazuli Donut – The Donut symbolizes continuity because there is no beginning and no ending. When something beautiful and wonderful in your life is continuous, you are creating your legacy.

Lapis Lazuli reflects the color of true blue. It connects the third eye with the throat chakra, which means that you can put words on your thoughts. Therefore, transform your words and thoughts into actions so that you can make a difference out there or within yourself!

Important notes: no donuts are alike, each donut is unique. When you order your donut, let the donut chose you. 

There are three sizes of lapis lazuli donuts available: 12mm, 20mm and 25mm. Use the drop down menu to select your size.

[Gold filled chain sold separately. If you would like a chain, please do not forget to add a chain to your shopping cart]

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