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Tuareg Compass - (ONE Earring, Hair piece or Pendant)

Tuareg Compass - (ONE Earring, Hair piece or Pendant)

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You can wear this piece as an earring, pendant on a chain or a hair accessory.

Tuareg Compass - Used by the Tuareg people to navigate across the Sahara desert by aligning with the North star and finding their homeland. If you are lost, use this compass to know where you are on the four corners of the earth and find your way home. Home base is where you regenerate your energy. 

Material: Brass

Buy one charm for $12. Every charm is sold along with a stainless steel 1" hoop, if you decide to use as an earring/hair accessory.

[If you buy to be used as a pendant, the gold filled chain is sold separately and is a shiny color, please do not forget to add a chain to your shopping cart]

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